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saturn 17's newest single "not my fault"

On all streaming platforms August 26!

The new single from saturn 17, "not my fault" perfectly encapsulates the irrationally hopeful romanticism of a new forbidden crush. "not my fault" acts as a thematic counterweight to the bitter frustration found in saturn 17's previous single "jazz club". "not my fault" mixes poetic lyricism over an alternative synth pop instrumental, making this project the band's most experimental release yet. 

"not my fault" is released on all platforms August 26th.


About saturn 17

saturn 17 is an queer indie pop/rock duo formed in 2019. The band consists of the songwriting duo Nika Fazeli and Halsey Bousquet who are constantly inspired by their home state of California, their personal heartbreaks, triumphs and tears.
saturn 17 made their mark in 2019 with the release of their hit single "could this be love?" which skyrocketed the band's success with over five million streams on Spotify. The indie rock/pop sound of the single was expanded upon with the release of the accompanying  "could this be love?" EP, cementing the band as one to watch in the indie pop/rock world. 
The staggering success of the "could this be love?" EP garnered the band over 132,000 monthly listeners and placements on premium Spotify playlists such as "sad girl starter pack", "young and free" and "text me back". Across all platforms the band has garnered over 7 million streams.
They are currently in the rollout of their highly anticipated follow up EP, with their newest single "not my fault".



  • "could this be love?" - EP (October 2019)

  • "jazz club"- Single (April 2022)

  • "not my fault"- Single (August 2022)